We deliver innovation, performance improvement, transformation and growth for manufacturing and B2B distribution businesses

We have deep expertise in technical and regulated businesses, particularly:
Chemicals and gases,
Building products,
Advanced and functional materials,
Recycling, Environmental Services and Cleantech.

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We advise, and more than that, we DO. We are passionate about making change happen, helping clients develop new skills. We also like celebrating the results that we have delivered together.

We are based near Bristol. We work across the UK and internationally.

Mike Gorham, our founder is an experienced CEO with a strong track record in designing and implementing strategy, sales and marketing performance, pricing, M&A support and digital transformation. 

Mike has a deep network of associates to who join projects as an when needed to deliver a tailor-made solution.



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Challenge us to add 1% of sales to your bottom line as additional profit. For most businesses this equates to a 10-20% increase in profitability.

We will find the hidden opportunities to optimise prices across your product range and customer base, track the benefits and ensure that your team have the capability to fly solo after the project.

Often we work on elements of sales effectiveness and digital (analogue) transformation at the same time to maximise the benefits.

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We have experience of domestic and international M&A in listed companies, Private Equity portfolio companies and family businesses. 

We support at all phases of the cycle, from strategy and target identification, through deal structuring and negotiation to post-transaction integration: 100 day plan implementation and synergy capture.

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We believe good strategy happens at the intersection of three factors:

  1. What you should do -  Where's the money?

  2. What you can do  - The capabilities and limits of your organisation

  3. What you want to do - The motivations and purpose of your team and shareholders

We're great at developing winning strategy, however we find that for most clients, that's the easy part. Our value really comes in supporting your team with programme management, communication and coaching so that they are happy to change, capable to implement the plan and motivated to capture the benefits.

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Everybody does digital these days right? you probably get 10 emails a day from software companies promising to revolutionise your business and deliver stellar ROI. Unfortunately, many of these technology implementations fail to move the needle on company profits.

We focus on the people using the technology and ensure that they are confident, joined-up and getting the best from the technology investments you have made.

Whether it is transforming your sales and marketing to take advantage of search intent, delivering an inbound marketing strategy or automating business processes such as supply chain planning or maintenance, we will ensure:

  • You have the right technology - identifying what will deliver ROI and what your organisation can handle.

  • Your people feel that the tech helps them in their jobs and use it in a joined-up way.

  • Your team have increasing capability and appetite for technology-led innovation

  • You can track and maximise the impact of these investments.



Do you need a longer and more embedded support than a consulting project? Mike Gorham has strong track record in rapid value creation in senior commercial, strategic and general management roles.

Mike is experienced in multinationals, private equity portfolio companies and family owned businesses. He has extensive international experience including Asia and the Middle East. Mike holds an MBA from INSEAD and speaks fluent French.



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Designed and delivered a pricing and sales excellence programme for the Gypsum division, delivering over £12.5 Million in extra profit across 11 business units in Europe and Asia.




Delivered two international acquisitions for this private equity backed speciality gases distributor and recycler, including management of due diligence, SPA negotiation, design and delivery of 100 day plans.



Digital Transformation

Led digital transformation for this fibreboard manufacturer including developing an inbound marketing platform, 700% increase in e-commerce revenues, ERP implementation and factory automation.



Strategy implementation

Conceived and implemented a new strategy for the Korean plasterboard business, transforming culture and innovation. Substantial gains in profitability and market share.



Strategic partnerships

We are currently supporting this innovative bio-composites company to find technology licencing partners in Europe and Asia.

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Interim Executive

MGCI is currently engaged by FiberLean: The world’s leading manufacturer of nano-cellulose. We set the vision for an important new market and are leading relationship development with industrial and research institute partners.



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